Far West Delivery-Date Estimates
Last updated: Saturday 7 October 2023
Estimates missed: 82 out of 84
Days late (PDF edition): 4,269
Days late (print edition): and counting…

"I expected nothing and am still let down. It took Alexander a decade to conquer Persia for crying out loud."

—backer Brooks Sligh, Kickstarter project comment, early 2022

The FAR WEST Adventure Game Kickstarter project went live on 11 July 2011 and funded on 25 August 2011. This document lists delivery-date and release-date estimates given for the game by project creator Gareth-Michael Skarka (“GMS”) in various media.

This list is almost certainly incomplete. I’ve tried to provide a link for every citation, and have quoted full sentences wherever possible to ensure that I’m not taking words out of context, though I have sometimes omitted paragraph breaks between sentences. Please e-mail corrections or additions to <gms-farwest.spam@mutedhorn.net>.

I’ve omitted duplicate estimates (ones which were made in the same month and offered essentially the same delivery date) and have preferred publicly-available sources where possible. Blue background denotes estimates offered in public; pink background indicates estimates made visible only to restricted audiences (e.g., Kickstarter campaign backers or intothefarwest.com forum members). I thank my contributors for access to the non-public announcements which appear below. Strikethrough indicates an expired estimate.

To help put the number of estimates into perspective: GMS delivered the PDF edition more than 12 years after the Kickstarter campaign funded and more than 11-and-two-thirds years since his original promised delivery date of (31) December 2011. Kickstarter itself only came into being on 30 April 2009, and FAR WEST Adventure Game (its print edition, anyway) has now been late for % of the platform’s lifespan. Happy birthdays, FAR WEST Adventure Game!

Also, please enjoy this collection of “I Came Out Before Far West” shirts. (They’re nothing to do with me or this page, but they’re awesome.)

  1. December 2011 (print/PDF/eBook/Kindle)
  2. When will the Adventure Game be available?
    The Limited Edition hardcover of the Adventure Game, as well as the Ebook, Kindle and PDF, will be available in December 2011.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project page’s “FAQ” section
  3. December 2011 (print)
  4. Scott Taylor on August 29, 2011
    Gareth - for those (like me) who have the ill-fortune to be moving in the immediate future - how soon do you need address, etc. and how soon will you be shipping things out?
    Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on August 29, 2011
    We won't be shipping until December. You've got time.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Monday 29 August 2011
  5. December 2011 (PDF)
  6. Surfmonkey01 on November 5, 2011
    So one thing I wasn't totally clear on from the Twitter chat... when you say the backer release is in December, you mean just the pdf, right?
    Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on November 5, 2011
    We're shooting for print, but it will depend on printer's scheduling, delivery times, etc. But at least the digital copies will go out.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Saturday 5 November 2011
  7. January 2012 (print/PDF)
  8. [backer-only]

    FAR WEST Delivery Update
    First off, let me start by saying that we're going to have to push delivery of the FAR WEST Adventure Game back a month, into January.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #23 (backer-only), Friday 2 December 2011
  9. "the New Year" (early 2012) (print/PDF)
  10. Christmas Update
    Work on the Adventure Game is proceeding, as reported in the last update. Our printer has closed up until the New Year, and we're eager to get to work on production once they return.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #24, Friday 23 December 2011
  11. February 2012 (PDF)
  12. [members-only]

    PDF Arrival
    That's actually what I was referring to -- delivery will be in February. (Files sent to backers, and to the printer.)
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com members-only forum post, January 2012
  13. March/April 2012 (print/PDF)
  14. Gareth-Michael Skarka
    The wide-release commercial version of the Far West Adventure Game will be out sometime around GenCon. The Limited Edition for our Kickstarter backers will be shipping in March/April.
    —GMS, RPG.net forum post, Wednesday 22 February 2012
  15. August or September 2012 (print/PDF)
  16. Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Given the vagaries of distribution, I'd say September to be on the safe side. It'll be back from the printers in August, though.
    —GMS, RPG.net forum post, Thursday 23 February 2012
  17. March 2012 (PDF)
  18. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on March 12, 2012
    To answer your question directly: PDF will be going to backers (and the printer!) this month.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Friday 2 March 2012
  19. April 2012 (PDF)
  20. GMSkarka
    An update on release: We're not going to make the end of March. My fault. I've only got so many hands. April delivery, though —that's still on.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum reply, March 2012
  21. May 2012 (PDF)
  22. GMSkarka
    If it isn't finished in May, it's because I've keeled over.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum reply, April 2012
  23. May 2012 (PDF)
  24. GMSkarka
    Kickstarter PDFs will be sent out by the end of this month.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum reply, May 2012
  25. June 2012 (print/PDF)
  26. GMSkarka
    Delivery will be pushed into June, but it won't be long.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum reply, May 2012
  27. June 2012 (print/PDF)
  28. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on June 7, 2012
    We'll be sending out the Core Rulebook this month.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Thursday 7 June 2012
  29. August and September 2012 (PDF/print)
  30. [members-only]

    Any News on Release Dates?
    Nothing's changed since the last update. We'll be delivering the PDF in August, with the book in September.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com members-only forum post, July 2012
  31. September 2012 (PDF)
  32. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on August 30, 2012
    You'll be receiving the PDF in September.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Thursday 30 August 2012
  33. October 2012 (PDF)
  34. [members-only]

    Any News on Release Dates?
    My goal is to get it out in October.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com members-only forum post, September 2012
  35. November 2012 (or earlier) (PDF)
  36. How’s It Going?
    Our print-scheduling window looks as though it will hit in November —obviously we'll be looking to deliver the PDF before that.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #41, Saturday 29 September 2012
  37. November 2012 (PDF)
  38. [members-only]

    Any News on Release Dates?
    We'll looking to deliver in November.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com members-only forum post, October 2012
  39. December 2012 (PDF)
  40. [members-only]

    Any News on Release Dates?
    I'm still pushing, but December is more likely at this point.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com members-only forum post, November 2012
  41. 25 December 2012 (eBook/Kindle)
  42. [members-only]

    Any News on Release Dates?
    That said, I expect that the bare-bones, graphics-free digital versions (ebook, mobi, etc.) will be delivered by Christmas.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com members-only forum post, December 2012
  43. Summer 2013 (print/PDF)
  44. Cubicle Seven Heads Into The Far West
    "The FAR WEST Adventure Game core rulebook will be released this Summer, first to backers of the 2011 FAR WEST Kickstarter, and then to distribution world-wide."
    —Cubicle 7 press release (quoted by GMS), Kickstarter project update #63, Thursday 9 May 2013
  45. End of Summer 2013 (print/PDF)
  46. Friday Progress Report: June 14th
    I've set the end of this month for our final completion deadline for all art and text, at which point layout will be the entire focus. Assuming no horrible disasters, this would have the core rulebook out to you (digitally first, with print following on its heels) by the end of the summer.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #68, Friday 14 June 2013
  47. End of Summer 2013 plus “a handful of days” (PDF)
  48. Friday Progress Report: June 28th
    Coming up fast on the end of June, and I'm sorry to say that I'm probably going to go over my own deadline —I had originally set the end of this month for the final, this-is-it art and text deadline, when FAR WEST would move to layout from here on... and I'm a hair behind on the art. Not by more than a handful of days, and I certainly am not one who would want to short-shrift on artwork —the final product is too important to me —but it's still aggravating.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #70, Friday 28 June 2013
  49. End of Summer 2013 (print)
  50. Going Strong
    We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and thanks to securing the assistance of Cubicle Seven, we'll be delivering the core book to backers at the end of the summer.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #71, Wednesday 24 July 2013
  51. Saturday 21 September 2013 (or earlier) (PDF)
  52. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on August 22, 2013
    To be clear: The book will go *to press* by 9/21 —and when the book goes to press, the digital version will simultaneously be sent to backers.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Thursday 22 August 2013
  53. Late September 2013 (PDF)
  54. Poking My Head Up…
    I'm still targeting having the PDF and various other digital format versions out to backers by later this month —it's a bit of a juggling act working collaboratively with folks who are in a time zone 6 hours ahead of me, but we're managing!
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #73, Wednesday 4 September 2013
  55. October 2013 (PDF)
  56. Luke Walker on September 17, 2013
    Still on track for a September release on the PDF?
    Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on September 17, 2013
    October is more likely — we're still making changes based on backer feedback to the manuscript pages that went out.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Tuesday 17 September 2013
  57. Unknown (PDF)
  58. Almost There… (Stay on Target!)
    We're not going to make the 9/21 delivery estimate. ... I'm not going to compound my error of passion here and give you another hard-and-fast date...
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #74, Thursday 19 September 2013
  59. Early- to mid-November 2013 (PDF)
  60. Final Delivery Set!
    I had an extensive Skype conference with the folks at Cubicle 7 in the UK yesterday, and got the OK on our actual, Honest-to-Seven-Hells, no-foolin delivery for FAR WEST.
    We will be going to press in November, a bit less than a month from now. Delivery of the digital version of FAR WEST will occur to you fine folks at around the same time we send to the printer (to ensure that you all get the latest, most-correct, final proofed version).
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #76, Friday 18 October 2013
  61. Mid-November 2013 (PDF)
  62. For Folks Who've Been Asking…
    I'm looking at digital delivery occurring late next week (which is a bit more on the 'ish' side of 'mid-month-ish' —several reasons for that, including the upcoming holiday, for example).
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #77, Monday 11 November 2013
  63. Before Wednesday 25 December 2013 (print/PDF)
  64. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on December 17, 2013
    My plan is to get this out before Christmas.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Tuesday 17 December 2013
  65. First week of January 2014 (PDF)
  66. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on December 30, 2013
    I have spent time with my family over the holidays, and now I'm back 100% on FAR WEST. I expect to turn it over to you folks within a week or so —and, contrary to the list below, you will have an opportunity to go over it before we go to press.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Monday 30 December 2013
  67. First week of January 2014 (PDF)
  68. Where Are We?
    This means that I really do expect to deliver you the digital file within a week or so.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #79, Tuesday 31 December 2013
  69. Tuesday 14 January 2014 (PDF)
  70. Fiddly Bits
    At this point, I'm hoping to turn this over to you at some point this weekend, but —given that there are other folks I need to coordinate with on some of this —it may be Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #80, Thursday 9 January 2014
  71. End of August 2014 (PDF)
  72. No GenCon, No MacBook, Yes iMac, Yes Delivery!
    I'm looking at digital delivery of FAR WEST to backers by the end of the month!
    Once we've done that, I am intending to let you folks go over the PDF and catch oddities, unclear passages, errors, etc. before we go to press. How long the look-over period is will depend on scheduling at the printer, but I expect it to be at least 3-4 weeks.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #86, Thursday 7 August 2014
  73. Early- to mid-September 2014 (print/PDF)
  74. Checking In…
    At worst, I figure I'm no more than a week to 10 days behind schedule.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #87, Tuesday 26 August 2014
  75. Unspecified (print/PDF)
  76. GMSkarka
    I'm not going to waste your time with more updates —the next time you hear from me, it will be to announce delivery.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum post, September 2014
  77. 25 December 2014 (PDF)
  78. [backer-only]

    Working Weekend Update
    OK, so the tl;dr version of this update: You'll have the PDF before Christmas. To unpack that a bit more, for folks who'd like more detail: I expect to be delivering you the finished core rulebook in PDF at some point between now and mid-December. I'm actually shooting for sooner, rather than later (my last day of teaching my class is tomorrow, so I have a solid week during Thanksgiving break which I can devote to work -- and I have no plans for the holiday). In any case, it will be before the Christmas break (my oldest daughter is flying in to visit, so I will be done before then, so that I can actually spend time with her).
    —GMS, Kickstarter campaign update #88 (backer-only), Sunday 23 November 2014
  79. December 2014 (PDF)
  80. Far West Adventure Game PDF Preorder
    Pre-order customers will receive the PDF after it is delivered to Kickstarter backers in December, and before the general commercial release.
    —Adamant Entertainment (presumably GMS), DriveThruRPG.com pre-order page (archived at web.archive.org), Friday 28 November 2014 (archived Thursday 25 December 2014)

    (Original text from pre-order page, which has since been modified and then deleted.)
  81. December 2014 (PDF)
  82. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 28 Nov 2014
    Delivery of the PDF edition of FAR WEST will be in December, Pre-order customers will receiving it soon after.
    —GMS, tweet, Friday 28 November 2014
  83. “The next few weeks” [late 2014/early 2015] (PDF)
  84. Gareth-Michael Skarka
    As we are approaching release in the next few weeks, we felt it was appropriate to offer a pre-order for the PDF at this time.
    —GMS, comment on DriveThruRPG.com pre-order page (archived at web.archive.org), Saturday 29 November 2014 (archived Thursday 25 December 2014)

    (Pre-order page has since been deleted.)
  85. January 2015 (PDF)
  86. Far West Adventure Game PDF Preorder
    Pre-order customers will receive the PDF after it is delivered to Kickstarter backers in January, and before the general commercial release.
    —Adamant Entertainment (presumably GMS), DriveThruRPG.com pre-order page (archived at web.archive.org), between Thursday 25 December 2014 and Monday 12 January 2015 (archived Monday 12 January 2015)

    (Modified text on pre-order page, which has since been deleted.)
  87. “[Not] much longer” (print/PDF)
  88. Tuesday Update
    I've had a couple of folks ask me how close I think I am to the end.… between finishing the last of the layout, and making sure the page proofing is complete before sending it out to you, I honestly don't expect we're going to be much longer (especially since next week is my school's Spring Break, so I'll have nothing else to divide my attention).
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #175, Tuesday 10 March 2015
  89. Late March (?) 2015 (print/PDF)
  90. Thursday Update
    I most likely will not post any updates this weekend, but all next week I have nothing on my plate but FAR WEST. Looking forward to (dare I say it?) finishing.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #177, Thursday 12 March 2015
  91. May 2015 (PDF)
  92. [backer-only]

    I’m sending out FAR WEST this month, at which point I will turn my sole attention to BANZAI. I will update you on every step of that, beginning in June.
    —GMS, e-mail to backers, as quoted by Sean Dunstan on RPGGeek, May 2015
  93. End of 2015 (print/PDF)
  94. Response RE: Complaint number 471136
    Of the core game rules book, 8 of 12 chapters have been sent digitally to the backers, with the remaining 4 chapters, and the physical printed edition to follow before the end of this year.
    —GMS, e-mail communication with Washington State Attorney General's Office (file # 471136) and Kickstarter backer Eric Franklin, Sunday 13 September 2015
  95. November 2015 (PDF)
  96. GMSkarka
    The backers should have the complete PDF in November. I'm not exactly sure of how long the print delivery will take (especially given the holidays), but pre-order customers will get the PDF soon after the backers.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum post, October 2015
  97. November 2015 (PDF)
  98. Luke Martinez on November 11, 2015
    On the forums you said it would be done this month. Is that still the plan?
    Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on November 11, 2015
    Luke — Yes, that is still the plan. Busting my butt on doing that right now, in fact. :)
    —GMS, Kickstarter campaign comment, Wednesday 11 November 2015
  99. The last week of January 2016 (PDF)
  100. [backer-only]

    This is the current situation: You will have Chapter 9: Furious Action (the full rules system) before Christmas. The other remaining chapters -- Chapter 10: A Fistful Of Bastards (NPCs and Encounters), Chapter 11: The Far West (the setting info) and Chapter 12: Secret Scrolls of Kung Fu (the Narrator's guide), will follow quickly thereafter. Given the possibility of dog-related emergencies, I am expecting to have the whole thing in your in-boxes by the time I return to teaching in the last week of January. So, 6 weeks, give or take.
    —GMS, Kickstarter campaign update #223 (backer-only), 15 December 2015
  101. January 2016 (PDF)
  102. GMSkarka
    I'm going to send the PDF out to Pre-Orders at the same time I send it to backers -- should be at the end of this month.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum post, Sunday 10 January 2016
  103. End of January 2016 (print/PDF)
  104. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on January 18, 2016
    …still shooting for the end of the month.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Monday 18 January 2016
  105. “[Not] too far beyond [January 2016]” (print/PDF)
  106. Friday Update
    I'm close to where I wanted to be, but I don't think I'll make my deadline of the end of January. Shouldn't be too far beyond that, though.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #224, Friday 29 January 2016
  107. March 2016 (print/PDF)
  108. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on March 11, 2016
    …I won't be making promises with specific dates (although I suspect this month will make you pleased -- and that's all I'll say for now).
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Friday 11 March 2016
  109. April? 2016 (print/PDF)
  110. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 1 Apr 2016
    I'm very close to being done, finally (I'm hesitant to even tweet this, given the date). Looking forward to the sense of a weight lifted.
    —GMS, tweet, Friday 1 April 2016
  111. May 2016 (PDF)
  112. Brian Bird @drawmycomic 26 Apr 2016
    @gmskarka How are things doing with Far West?
    Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 26 Apr 2016
    @drawmycomic Sorry I missed this-- severe weather here today, & Internet was down. Plugging away, planning to deliver PDF in May.
    —GMS, tweet, Tuesday 26 April 2016
  113. May 2016 (print/PDF)
  114. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 5 May 2016
    To do: This week, & early next -- finish semester of full-time teaching. Late next: Guest at @Chupacabra_Con! By end of month: FAR WEST!
    —GMS, tweet, Thursday 5 May 2016
  115. Early June 2016 (print/PDF)
  116. Quick Update, In Interests of Transparency
    Last update, I said I expected delivery "somewhere around the end of the month" -- and in the comments, backer Stacy Forsyth asked for clarification, and in my response I mentioned that I'd allowed some wiggle room into early June with the "somewhere around" qualifier.
    I'm going to take that wiggle room -- it will be early June, rather than by Tuesday. It'll be close, but I didn't want people hitting Tuesday and being dismayed.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #226, Thursday 26 May 2016
  117. End of June 2016 (print/PDF)
  118. johanngottliebfichte @Asako_Soh 27 June 2016
    any further news re: @thefarwest rpg? @gmskarka Still on by the end of June?
    Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 27 June 2016
    @Asako_Soh That's what I'm busting my butt towards... :)
    —GMS, tweet, Monday 27 June 2016
  119. Before 29 August 2018? (print/PDF)
  120. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on August 29, 2016
    I understand that you're out of patience (and the silence on my end certainly didn't help)-- but this process WILL NOT take years more.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Monday 29 August 2016
  121. Before GMS tweets again (print/PDF)
  122. Ghoulish M. Scare-ka @gmskarka 18 October 2016
    A few folks have sent me DMs asking if I'm OK, so to clarify:
    I'm off Twitter until my late project is complete. Nearly there. Thanks!
    —GMS, tweet, Tuesday, 18 October 2016
    Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 21 December 2016
    Hey, folks -- it's been two months, so I wanted to check back in. 2 really hard months in a really hard year.
    —GMS, tweet, Wednesday, 21 December 2016
  123. “Soon after” the end of 2016 (print/PDF)
  124. Brighter Days Are Coming
    I'm still working to finish FAR WEST. So close now. All that remains (mostly) is the last chapter & appendices. I want to get as much as possible (if not the whole shebang) off to you by the end of the year. Whole thing soon after -- and if I can't get you everything by year's end, I'll at least give you what is done, and the manuscript for the rest, so you know it's coming.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #228, Wednesday, 21 December 2016

    Kickstarter backers report in the project comments for 1 January 2017 that no additional materials were released before the end of 2016.
  125. “Soon” (within 2017, say) (print/PDF)
  126. Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka on January 24, 2017
    I've been contacted by the Kansas AG's Consumer Protection office, and I've been responding to them. This, naturally, takes time that I would prefer to be using to finish this and deliver, but it is what it is.
    Regardless -- delivery will be occurring soon.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project comment, Tuesday 24 January 2017
  127. “The next time backers hear from me” (print/PDF)
  128. Steve Brown on October 30, 2017
    I tweeted Gareth and got the following response:… “…the next time backers hear from me it will be to deliver.”
    —GMS, Tweet quoted in Kickstarter project comment by backer Steve Brown, Monday 30 October 2017
  129. “Before the end of [2017]” (PDF?)
  130. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 20 November 2017
    Expect a major post (with files) before the end of the year.
    —GMS, tweet, Monday 20 November 2017
  131. “The next time I [say] anything” (print/PDF)
  132. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 20 November 2017
    To repeat here, publicly: I've been silent because people got tired of hearing (& I got tired of taking the time to write) "work continues." I decided that the next time I said anything it would be to announce completion.
    —GMS, tweet, Monday 20 November 2017

    (GMS's next tweet after this one was on Tuesday 21 November 2017.)
  133. “this year [2018] (yes, really)” (print/PDF)
  134. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 2 April 2018
    I'm Gareth-Michael Skarka, designer of HONG KONG ACTION THEATRE!, UNDERWORLD, THRILLING TALES, a bunch of freelance stuff for others, and, coming this year (yes, really), FAR WEST.
    —GMS, tweet, Monday 2 April 2018

    (Possibly posted a day late?)
  135. mid-June or July 2018 (manuscript)
  136. A Long-Overdue Update on FAR WEST -- or: What the hell have you been doing, Gareth?
    I am planning on giving you a completed manuscript (and we’re talking the whole thing, not just the rules) in July – although possibly earlier. (I’m actually shooting for close to my birthday in mid-June, if I can manage it).
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #234, Tuesday 1 May 2018

    First project update in exactly one year.
  137. Second week of August 2018 (?)
  138. Update: Home Stretch
    I'm working through this weekend, but it doesn't look like I'm going to hit my self-imposed deadline of July. (I know, I know -- I've already beat myself up over this.) It is what it is, and July has been challenging.
    Regardless: I'm fairly sure that I only need a week to get things squared away -- but, to be on the safe side, I'm going to give myself two.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #243, Friday 27 July 2018
  139. Saturday 25 August 2018 (?)
  140. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 19 August 2018
    So tired of disappointing people.
    Feeling like crap today, but I AM GOING TO FINISH THE THING THIS WEEK. Push, push, push.
    —GMS, tweet, Sunday 19 August 2018

    Saturday 25 August 2018 is the seventh anniversary of the Kickstarter campaign funding.
  141. Saturday 1 September 2018 (manuscript)
  142. [backer-only]

    Manuscript Chapters
    …here are the first sections that have already gone into layout. I'll be sending more out to you (and to Eric) over this weekend, and the rest of them will follow in the coming week. Everything will be on Eric's desk by a week from today, because starting September 1st, I start working weekends, running my friend Ruth Thompson's art shop at the KC Renaissance Festival, and, honestly, I have no desire to be working 7-day weeks!
    …As I said above, more is coming this weekend, as we sign off on them, with the rest coming within the week.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #244 (backer-only), Friday 25 August 2018

    A backer-only update entitled “More Manuscript” was posted on Friday 7 September, suggesting that the manuscript was not all provided to backers by Saturday 1 September after all. I welcome correction on this point from any backers.
  143. Shortly after 7 January 2019 (manuscript)
  144. [backer-only]

    Update & Chapter Delivery
    I'd intended to get [the last three chapters] done before year's end -- I'll be blunt: This is unlikely, though possible.… In all likelihood, though, this will get its final touches once I'm back in the office on Monday, January 7th.
    So we're almost there. Layout has begun, so the full PDF will follow soon after the final chapter deliveries, and then to the printer.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #252 (backer-only), Saturday 22 December 2018

  145. "this year" [2019] (print/PDF)
  146. A NEW YEAR
    …I still haven’t delivered FAR WEST. That’s still the biggest professional failure hanging over my head. But the redesign is almost entirely done, and I’ll be finally getting it out the door this year.
    —GMS, blog post, Wednesday 2 January 2019

  147. "this year" [2019] (print/PDF)
  148. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 7 Feb 2019
    …You’ll be seeing A LOT more content about FAR WEST, including the release, this year.
    —GMS, tweet, Thursday 7 February 2019

  149. "by the end of this year" [2020] (print/PDF)
  150. GMSkarka
    I expect to deliver by the end of this year.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum reply, Friday 4 September 2020

  151. "2021" (print/PDF)
  152. Gareth-Michael Skarka
    2021 is the year where FAR WEST finally gets released. I have not abandoned the project. I am finishing it up (currently adding some things, suggested by my editors, to various parts of the manuscript, mostly in the final chapter (the Narrator’s chapter). My business partner, Eric Trautmann, has begun layout of the completed chapters. Things are proceeding. PDFs will go out first to the long-suffering Kickstarter backers, and then will be released commercially, followed by the printed book (again, to backers first, and then wide).
    We will release this year– delays, disasters, pandemics or societal collapse be damned.
    Home is on the horizon. We’re racing the sunset, but we’re gonna get there.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com blog post, Monday 22 February 2021

  153. "this year" [2021] (print/PDF)
  154. admin says
    It will be released this year.
    —GMS, intothefarwest.com forum reply, Tuesday 6 July 2021

  155. "January" [2022] (PDF)
  156. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 30 Dec 2021
    FAR WEST update: Due to personal reasons, PDF delivery to backers has been pushed back into January.
    —GMS, tweet, Thursday 30 December 2021

  157. "soon" [February 2022] (PDF)
  158. Updates
    The manuscript has been handed off to Eric Trautmann (my business partner, formerly of West End Games) who is well underway on the layout, and should be done soon.
    Once complete, we'll be delivering the PDF to you.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #254, Tuesday 1 February 2022

    In this context, I interpret "soon" to mean before the end of February 2022… or March 2022… or April 2022…
  159. "before year’s end" [December 2022] (print/PDF)
  160. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 12 Sep 2022
    [The FAR WEST release] should be before year’s end!
    —GMS, tweet, Monday 12 September 2022

  161. "[not] too much longer" [December 2022] (print/PDF)
  162. [backer-only]

    Fiction Link, and Update
    First a quick update -- as stated on the Discord server, FAR WEST is currently in layout with Eric. Shouldn't be too much longer.
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #257, Tuesday 8 November 2022

    In this context, I interpret "soon" to be before the end of 2022, consistent with GMS's delivery date estimate from September 2022.
  163. "in 2023" (print/PDF)
  164. 2022
    2022 is the year when I finally finished the manuscript for FAR WEST, after struggling with it through what turned out to be the hardest decade of my life. Finishing it, and turning it over to my partner Eric Trautmann for layout, is not only the biggest accomplishment I had in 2022, but the biggest milestone in my life for YEARS.
    What remains, in 2023, is to finally distribute the game, not only to my amazingly patient Kickstarter backers, but to the general gaming public as well.
    —GMS, gmskarka.com post, Saturday 31 December 2022

    The PDF edition was delivered to backers on Friday 8 September 2023, or just over eleven and two-thirds years since the original 31 December 2011 delivery date. Now to see whether GMS can get the print edition delivered before the end of 2023…
  165. "in a month" [13 July 2023] (print/PDF)
  166. Gareth M. Skarka @gmskarka 13 Jun 2023
    (BTW, @mercuryeric is doing layout, should be done in a month.)
    —GMS, tweet, Tuesday 13 June 2023

  167. "the coming week" (by 8 September 2023) (PDF)
  168. [backer-only]

    FAR WEST PDF to be delivered next week
    General announcement for everyone: We know that 12 years is a very long time, and we greatly appreciate your support and patience.
    I just checked in with my partner, Eric Trautmann, to confirm, and we will definitely be delivering the PDF to you (and releasing it commercially) during the coming week. The link to download the PDF will be sent via a backers-exclusive update, so if you're reading this, you're good to go!
    We were originally aiming for the end of August, but will be overshooting that by a few days. Can't wait for you to see the finished product!
    —GMS, Kickstarter project update #258 (backer-only), Wednesday 30 August 2023

    Amazingly, backers report that this deadline was actually met on Friday 8 September 2023. The PDF edition of FAR WEST WESTERN WUXIA MASH-UP ADVENTURE GAME (its official title per the front cover on DriveThruRPG.com) is 278 pages in length and took 4,397 days to complete (starting from the Kickstarter campaign’s funding date). That's an average of… 15 days, 19 hours, 35 minutes, and 49 seconds per page.