Mad Max 2
(The Road Warrior)

All of Max’s Dialogue

I’ve seen the claim made that Mel Gibson only has 16 lines of dialogue in Mad Max 2 (or The Road Warrior for Americans): it’s mentioned, for instance, on IMDb’s trivia page for the film. And since I was in the mood to re-watch the film anyway after viewing Mad Max: Fury Road, I thought I’d go through and count them.

By my count, Gibson’s Max has 38 speeches (totalling 344 words) in the film. This is not counting grunts, wordless shouts, or the little tongue-click he uses to sic his dog on the Gyro Captain. If anything, I may be running multiple lines together, since I’m defining a speech as “everything Max says until another character speaks or the scene changes”. In the entry for timecode 0:39:18 below, for instance, there’s a distinct pause between the two sentences, but since no-one else actually interrupts I consider them part of a single speech.

Here’s my listing of all of Max’s speeches, with timecodes taken from the most recent US Blu-ray release of the film. The transcriptions are by ear, with occasional help from the Blu-ray’s English subtitles, and are probably not perfect.

Speech Dialogue Timecode
1 “Booby-trapped. Touch those tanks and—” (makes explosion sound) 0:11:12
2 “Where? Where?” 0:12:35
3 “Crap.” 0:12:42
4 “Where? Where? Where?” 0:12:50
5 “All right. Come on.” 0:12:59
6 “The arrangement was I wouldn’t kill you.” 0:15:45
7 “I reckon you got a bargain; don’t you?” 0:15:49
8 “Save it. I’m just here for the gasoline.” 0:24:11
9 “Two or three miles down the road, left for dead. We had a deal.” 0:27:04
10 “Yeah, they’re heading hard to the southwest in heaps of trouble. Look, he said if I brought him back here you’d give me some gas. Now, there’s not much time…” 0:27:09
11 “She’s dead.” 0:27:19
12 “It was quick. Look, I just want my gas: I want to get out of here. Now, gimme the—” 0:27:23
13 “We had an arrangement.” 0:27:34
14 “You talk to this man.” 0:27:37
15 “It’s alright! It’s alright, mate.” [1] 0:28:31
16 “Two days ago I saw a vehicle that’d haul that tanker. You want to get out of here… you talk to me.” 0:38:48
17 “Okay, so that’s my offer. I deliver a rig big enough to haul that tanker of yours: you give me back my vehicle and as much juice as I can carry.” 0:39:02
18 “Now, to do the job I need five gallons of diesel and some high-octane gasoline. Think of it as a down payment.” 0:39:18
19 “My vehicle and all the juice I can carry.” 0:40:05
20 (whispered) “Come on! Dog! Sssh!” 0:40:59
21 “Shut up.” 0:44:05
22 “Let’s have a look at this machine of yours.” 0:45:26
23 “Find out.” 0:45:32
24 “Shut up. Shut up.” 0:45:40
25 “Do what you want.” 0:46:43
26 “Heel. Heel.” 0:55:50
27 “Hey, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you, but I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Thanks.” 0:56:12
28 “Sorry. We had a contract: I kept my part of the bargain.” 1:00:04
29 “Got all I need here.” 1:00:17
30 “No, thanks.” 1:00:41
31 “Get out, kid. Go on, get out of here.” 1:02:40
32 “Go on, get out. Scat!” (hisses) “Get out!” 1:03:08
33 “See you around, maybe. Goodbye; good luck!” 1:04:41
34 “If it’s all the same to you, I’ll drive that tanker.” 1:12:35
35 “No deals: I want to drive that truck.” 1:12:46
36 “Believe me, I haven’t got a choice.” 1:12:52
37 “Come on, cut the crap: I’m the best chance you’ve got.” 1:13:07
38 “Hey, kid: get the bullet. The bullet! Get up. Go on. Get the shell! Get the shell. Come on, come on, go!” 1:27:41

1. The Blu-ray subtitles say "Let him go!" for the first line here, but it sounds more like "It’s alright!" to my ear.